Saturday, June 21, 2008

Face Cloth (Flannel, Washcloth) in DK Cotton

Crocheted Cotton Face Cloth

1 ball DK Cotton (I used Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton)

Hook size UK 8, 4.00 mm, American G/6

My finished cloth was 7” square.

Main Piece

Make 30ch

  1. Turn and work along ch, starting with 3htr into 3rd ch from hook, miss 2ch, 3htr into next ch. Continue in this way to end, but work 1htr in last st. Turn.
  2. 2ch for height (does not count as a stitch), 3htr into first st, *miss 2 sts, 3htr into next st. Rep from * to end, but work 1htr in last st. turn.

Repeat row 2 until work is square (fold diagonally to check). Do not cut off the yarn.


Round 1 Making 2ch at every corner, work round all sides in dc, working 1dc in each st of top edge and foundation chain, and work 28 dc down each side.

Do not turn the work.

Round 2 Begin with 2ch for height and work 1htr into every dc. Work (2htr, 2ch, 2htr) into each corner 2ch space.

Round 3 Work 1dc bet. first 2 sts, *2ch, miss next htr, work 1dc into space between this htr and the next. Rep from * to end, working (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) into each corner space. to join.

Cut yarn and sew in the end.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cloche Hat in Noro yarn

Here is another of my designs for you:

Cloche Hat in Crochet

By Penny Peberdy


7mm hook

1- 2 balls NORO Blossom


  1. Make a ring around fingers and into it work 8 dc. (Pull up the end gently to close the ring)
  2. Work 2dc into ea dc of prev round (16 sts) (Sl st to join on this and every round)
  3. Work 2dc, 1dc to end (24 sts)
  4. Work 2dc, 1dc in ea of next 2 sts, rep to end (32 sts)
  5. Work 2dc, 1dc in ea of next 3 sts, rep to end (40 sts)
  6. Work 2dc, 1dc in ea of next 4 sts, rep to end (48 sts)

Work straight for 10 rounds

(Increasing round) Work 2dc in 1st st, 1dc in ea of next 7 sts, Rep to end.

Continue working straight for a further 9 rounds

Work edging row in Prawn Stitch (dc worked from L to R). End off and sew in end. Pull up the end from starting ring gently until ring is tightly closed and sew in the end.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crochet Egg Pincushion

My latest Eggcentricity!

Crochet Egg Pincushion

4 ply white yarn

3.00mm hook

A suitable eggcup


Make a circle and work 12 htr into it. Join to first st.

Cont. in rounds, making 2ch for height – but this does not count as a stitch.

Round 2 Work 2 htr into each stitch

Rounds 3 & 4 Work 1htr into each st.

Round 5 Inc in every 3rd st

Work 4 rounds straight

Work 3 htr, dec 1 to end

Work 1 round straight

Dec 1 all round

Stuff firmly.

Break off yarn, leaving a long thread for making up.

Thread needle with the yarn and run through the circle left. Pull up and fasten off by sewing a few sts. This will be the end that goes in the eggcup! (You may want to glue the egg in if it needs it).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8th January, 2008

Not much doing today, as the builders are back and I can't really sit here and knit! I have managed to get a bit of the bib cross-stitch done in the evenings - here is what it looks like now (I'm on the penguin bit!)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

3rd January 2008

Well, I guess you can't say I post to this blog very frequently - as my last post was in November of what is now last year! I will try and write more frequently.

At the moment I am neither knitting nor crocheting, but doing a couple of cross-stitch bibs for my granddaughter, who is coming out to visit me at the end of this month (so I have to get on quickly). This is a picture of the first one, so far. It is from a kit, and the picture is two eskimo children pulling a sledge with a penguin on it. Perfect for the winter.

I have to admit that, at this stage, the girl looks a little scarey, with holes for eyes, but tomorrow, she will look fine. Wait and see...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Marshmallow Tea Cosy

Here is the pattern.

Marshmallow Tea Cosy

By Penny Peberdy


No 6.00mm knitting needles

1 ball each of a bobble yarn (Four Seasons Snowball) and a good eyelash yarn (Four Seasons Lulu)


Make 2 sides.

Cast on 26 sts using both yarns together. Work in Stocking Stitch until work is desired length from base of teapot to handle of lid .

Make row of holes as follows:

K2, wool over, K2 together, Rep to last 2 sts, K2.

Work 4 more rows, cast off.

Making Up

With right sides together, sew up the side seams, leaving an opening for the spout on one side and the handle on the other.

Make a twisted corn with the eyelash yarn, thread through the holes row, pull up tightly and tie in a bow.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Crochet drawstring purse

A friend of mine has asked for the pattern for the little drawstring purse that I use for my loose change so here it is.



4 ply weight yarn e.g. Paton’s Cotton 4ply


Finer mercerised cotton used double

2.50mm hook


Cross over 3 - Work 1 dtr into 3rd st then dtr into 1st and 2nd sts, working behind first dtr.


1. Start each round with 2ch for treble rounds, 3ch for the pattern round and 1ch for a dc round. This chain DOES NOT count as a stitch.

2. End each round by slip-stitching into the first stitch of the round, to join.



1. Make a ring with the yarn and into it work 12tr.

2. Work 2tr into each tr of prev. round. (24sts)

3. *2tr into first tr, 1tr into next tr. Rep from * to end. (36sts)

4. Repeat round 3 once more. (54sts)

5. Work 1tr into each stitch.

6. *2tr into first stitch, 1tr into each of next 2 sts. Rep from * to end. (72sts)

7. Work 1dc into each stitch.

8. Work 1 round of treble into every dc but working from the back of the work, under the top of the stitch so that the chain-like top stands out around the work. (See diagram) This forms a decorative edge to the base of the bag.

9. *1tr into each of first 10 sts, dec1. Rep from * to end. (66sts)

10. Cross over 3. Rep to end

11. TURN THE WORK and work 1dc into each stitch. (NOTE: It is important to turn the work for this round, or the patterns will not line up in subsequent rounds). TURN WORK AGAIN to work the cross over 3 round on the right side.

Repeat rounds 10 and 11 six times.

Drawstring round

3ch for height, work *1dtr into first stitch, 1ch, miss one stitch. Rep from * to end.


Repeat rounds 11 and 10 twice then round 11 once more.


1ch for height, *work over next 5sts as follows: 1dc, 1htr, 1DTRG, 1htr, 1dc. Repeat from * to last st. Miss next st, ss to join.

Fasten off and darn in any ends.