Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8th January, 2008

Not much doing today, as the builders are back and I can't really sit here and knit! I have managed to get a bit of the bib cross-stitch done in the evenings - here is what it looks like now (I'm on the penguin bit!)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

3rd January 2008

Well, I guess you can't say I post to this blog very frequently - as my last post was in November of what is now last year! I will try and write more frequently.

At the moment I am neither knitting nor crocheting, but doing a couple of cross-stitch bibs for my granddaughter, who is coming out to visit me at the end of this month (so I have to get on quickly). This is a picture of the first one, so far. It is from a kit, and the picture is two eskimo children pulling a sledge with a penguin on it. Perfect for the winter.

I have to admit that, at this stage, the girl looks a little scarey, with holes for eyes, but tomorrow, she will look fine. Wait and see...