Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cloche Hat in Noro yarn

Here is another of my designs for you:

Cloche Hat in Crochet

By Penny Peberdy


7mm hook

1- 2 balls NORO Blossom


  1. Make a ring around fingers and into it work 8 dc. (Pull up the end gently to close the ring)
  2. Work 2dc into ea dc of prev round (16 sts) (Sl st to join on this and every round)
  3. Work 2dc, 1dc to end (24 sts)
  4. Work 2dc, 1dc in ea of next 2 sts, rep to end (32 sts)
  5. Work 2dc, 1dc in ea of next 3 sts, rep to end (40 sts)
  6. Work 2dc, 1dc in ea of next 4 sts, rep to end (48 sts)

Work straight for 10 rounds

(Increasing round) Work 2dc in 1st st, 1dc in ea of next 7 sts, Rep to end.

Continue working straight for a further 9 rounds

Work edging row in Prawn Stitch (dc worked from L to R). End off and sew in end. Pull up the end from starting ring gently until ring is tightly closed and sew in the end.


Susan Ripley said...

would you consider letting us print one of your patterns in the pattern-a-day calendars? you can read more about it at or email me and I would be happy to answer any questions.


snoopydog said...

Love those hats! Such pretty yarn!